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Greetings everyone,
Here are the in-game & discord rules of Pearus Online. The rules must be followed strictly. Forbidding the rules may be punished based on the gravity of the situation. Attempting to break the rules once or multiple times even after receiving warnings, can lead to account termination not only In-Game but from our discord community too. Those rules are made to maintain a friendly and a non-toxic community. Please follow them as everyone else!


If you'd like to host an event, please contact the owner of the server by DM in our discord channel, if he's not answering contact some of the supporters to share the information you want him to receive.
We have worked on a lot of features and events which are already going to take place 24/7 in the server, there will be always something to do, and if you got suggestions about events you can share them in the #suggestions channel.
Hosting an event without the knowledge of the @Owner will lead into a ban, the duration of the ban depends on many things, but it could get up to permanent.


Using third party software to bypass the limits is strictly forbidden. The IP/PC limit is already too big and It suits everyone fine. Attempt to bypass the rule will lead into ban on all of your accounts. No exceptions will be made.

Promoting other servers (in any chat) is strictly forbidden. Just like we do not want our server to be promoted in other servers, we expect other servers to not get promoted into our channel.
Any player/discord members who promotes any other servers in the channel will be banned permanently from our server.

Scamming/Hacking into someone elses account and causing any harm on the account will not be tolerated. Anyways, we're not police to keep track on every exchange/scam attempt has been made, so in order to punish a scammer, you'll have to send us a proof of doing it.
If you dont have any proof of getting scammed, we won't be able to help you. Please use #report channel for cheaters and scammers.

Selling items for money on our server is not against the rules! However we made it work well for both parts by including official middlemans which will assist you on the entire trade period by taking a % fee per transaction and you avoid being scammed! However, Pearus Online Staff will not sell items or create items using GM console to prevent changing the in-game balance and avoid corruption.

Any kind of racism towards players/staff is not allowed. 


As you know already, we do make weekly and monthly giveaways. But be careful! In order to successfully participate into our giveaways be sure to complete all steps correctly. We are verifying every possible required step before we do reward the winners. Giveaways are hosted on discord/facebook. Stay in touch with us to hear about them!

Do not participate with multiple accounts. If we find it out, you will be permanently suspended from our giveaways.