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Announcement regarding real money deals.

From now on, selling items for real money will have to be discussed with me before doing so and the commission will be 25%. Selling items without my permission and paying commission will lead into permanent ban. The reason behind this is we got few players, which only aim to make money out of our server and do not attend any kind of features but FGW, with the goal to drop rare talismans, cut their price and sell it for cash We allowed selling items for real money to give a chance to players to get some money back after a while if they need a break or decide to stop playing, instead of failing everything and spam in globals about their leaving, we didn't aim to get some players who only "play" to drop rare stuff and make money on our back. In the end of the day, the server needs funds to stay online for a long time, and by having players which cut prices of rare items we're losing incredible amount of funds, which could be used for advertising, paying taxes and the services for the VPS and filter, which are quite a lot of money. We are not a server with thousands of players to not care about such matters, unfortunately many players aim to milk money out of the server which wasn't the goal with allowing real money deals. From now on, every real money deal will have to be discussed with me and is going to be accepted or rejected. Selling stuff like the rarest talismans or sun items in general will be restricted from now on, unless there is a serious reason and the player has proven his loyalty to our server. By proving loyalty I mean the seller have played in the server for a while, been active, contributed and had actual fun in the server. People who spam FGW 6 times a day with 6 different chars, with the goal of making money will not be tolerated anymore. We hope you understand our point and you'll accept this rule as a method to get some of your investment back after a while, not aim to make money out of the server.

Added 2021-02-23 11:31

Changelog 22th of February


Change log:

Added new weapon switcher scroll, which works only on SOX (SOS, SOM, SUN). By using this scroll, you can change Blade to Glavie, Bow to Spear etc.
Fixed the reward from Forgotten World to Seal of Sun;
Increased Unique Tokens max stack to 500;
Reset all rankings, top 3 players of each ranking will be rewarded from @Maxy , make sure you DM him to receive your reward, he'll post winners in #??informations ;
Seal of Sun Weapons are non-tradeable/dropable/sellable.
Job Points issue is fixed, you can purchase any kind of Silk item without being scared of losing Job Points anymore.

Added 2021-02-22 21:34

Update #1.

Change log:
- Increased the stone drop rate, decreased the elixirs drop rate slightly
- Restricted pet usage inside Job Temple and Elemental Zone;
- Added Unique Token drop to Tiger Girl, Cerberus, Captain Ivy, Uruchi, Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan, Demon Shaitan;
- Reduced the gold price for Global Chatting in NPC, now it costs 7 unique tokens and 25M gold;
- Reduced the gold price for Magic POP card in NPC, now it costs 10 unique tokens and 20M gold;
- Reduced Reverse Return Scroll price to 7.5M gold and 5 unique tokens;
- GodBless (Mixed) costs now 750M gold and 100 Silver Coin; ;
- Lottery BOX(Stone) now costs 150M gold and 30 Silver Coin; ;
- Triceratops pet now costs 25M gold and 7 unique tokens;
- Added Lucky Powder (1 Degree for Devil's/Angel's spirit) for 25 unique tokens and 15 silver coins in the Pearus Gift Shop;

Unique tokens drop: Tiger Girl STR/INT - 2; Cerberus STR/INT - 2; Captain Ivy STR/INT - 3; Uruchi STR/INT - 4; Isyutaru STR/INT - 5; Lord Yarkan STR/INT - 6; Demon Shaitan STR/INT - 7;
Reduced the Job Points required for SUN GEAR ; Reduced the Arena Coins required for SUN ACCESSORIES;
Added teleport from Elemental Zone to Samarkand/Constantinople;
Increased the EXP rates DOUBLE than what it was until now;

Added 2021-02-12 18:26


Added 2021-02-06 13:58


Added 2021-02-06 09:27